Frequently Asked questions

Who are National Car Buyer?

At National Car Buyer we operate a nation wide dealer network, which specialises in buying cars instantly for convenience. So, if you want to sell your cars for cash, give us a call and get a no obligation quote.

We will buy your car for cash if:
  • You are a private seller and want to sell you can for cash instantly.
  • You are a private seller looking to buy and want an easy part exchange for
  • You are a dealer and want to sell a part exchange.

What do National Car Buyer do with my car?

National Car Buyer specialise in buying cars for cash. When we buy a car from you, we treat it as any dealer would. We do it up and sell it on, or if it is in an unsellable state we send it to scrap.

We make our money from any cars that we sell on, not from you, which means you can use our service for free.

Not only that, our convenient service allows us to buy your car for cash so that you can manage your finances quickly and easily.

Tell me how to sell my car

It's quick to sell your car for cash with National Car Buyer. In fact, we are so flexible to meet your needs, it's really easy too. Simply choose from the options below:
  • Give us a call on 0800 0288 143.
  • Fill in the short form and we'll buy your car for cash instantly.

Where can I sell my car?

Selling your car to us is simple, easy and convenient. National Car Buyer does all the running around so you don't have to lift a finger. We will come and collect the car from you and give you cash there and then.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and want you to tell your friends, so you get first class treatment every step of the way.

Call us and we'll come and collect the car from you!

Are there any fees or charges?

There are no fees or charges incurred when selling to National Car Buyer.

However we do require a £75 deposit to book a collection and to confirm the sale of your car. This is refunded on top of the agreed figure for your vehicle at the point of collection. This is simply done as a form of commitment to us, that the car is described accurately and will not be sold prior to our arrival.

How quickly will my car be collected?

We normally collect within 48 hours of agreement being made over the phone.

How will payment be made?

Payment will be made via an Instant Bank Transfer upon collection. The car will not be driven away until cleared funds are received by yourself.