What our customers are saying about us.
“Having used National Car Buyer over the past 4 years, they have purchased several cars from me and I have found their service to be impeccable. From the price given to the collection and assistance in timing this to coincide with my new car arriving, nothing has ever been too much trouble for them. I would recommend them highly and will continue to use them in the years to come. Thanks again!"
Neill Blake
Chief Executive of AFC Bournemouth
“Having never chosen to sell my car in this manner before I was at first obviously cautious, however having used National Car Buyer on two occasions now I could not recommend them enough. They were polite, courteous, prompt and above all else acted with complete dignity when carrying out the transaction. I will happily use them again and will continue to recommend them highly, good luck for the future guys!"
Dalawar Chaudhry
Hospitality provider for the Pakistan cricket
“When I wanted to sell my car, with all the choice in today’s market, and the desperate dealers out there, I thought ‘I want to sell my car for free’. Surely it’s not too much of an ask?? Why shouldn’t I sell my car for free? So, I set about trawling through all the online car sites to sell my car for free which involved uploading images (which I had taken after thoroughly cleaning my little car!). It was a lot of effort, but because I only wanted to sell my car for free, it seemed like the only way to go. Then I discovered National Car Buyer. National Car Buyer would literally let me sell my car for free. All I did was tell them what car I had over the phone. I didn’t even need photos, and then they offered me a good price, so I could sell my car for free at no effort. And, just to make my life an even better place than it was already, they picked it up from my house and paid me in cash! I would sell my car for free anytime again in the near future, they were marvellous."
From Bournemouth
“Thanks for all your help, it has been great to deal with a company that really do what they say."
From Bournemouth
“I got a quote and sold my car for cash straight away. I'm over the moon, thank you, national car buyer!"
From Bradford
“I’d give an arm and a leg to sell my car easily. No-one seems to give you a smooth ride these days, and let’s face it, selling my car is the biggest sale behind my house! This is why, I just wanted to sell my car very very quickly, and chose to go the cars for cash route instead of private sales and the hassle of cleaning it up etc To sell my car without cleaning it? Now that would be a great privilege. Perhaps I can get my son to clean it up and to sell my car? All I know is it isn’t easy to sell my car anyway because it is so old and mashed up no-one could possibly want to drive it. So, I thought I might try to sell my car for cash through National Car Buyer. And it went really well, I think I shall sell my car to them again if I ever have another one, It was a great experience and they made it so easy to sell my car I couldn’t complain. My son even said he got off lightly as he didn’t have to sell my car either."
From Reading
“Just a quick note to say, I'm really pleased with your service, you really helped me out"
From London
“I want to sell my car now were the words that flew out my wifes mouth as soon as the new Mini convertible came out. That’s all she could shout about ‘I want to sell my car now’. I tried to explain that to sell your car, it wont happen now. You have to clean it, valet it, make it smell nice and fix al the little problems. But still she said to me ‘I want to sell my car now’ so I had no choice but to look around. So I did. When I found National Car Buyer I really wasn’t sure whether I should call, as I thought it sounded too good to be true, but because my wife kept saying ‘I want to sell my car now’ I thought, I may as well call. I can always say no. Anyway, I did call, and I said that I want to sell my car now can they help? I gave them basic details about the car and they offered a cash price which I accepted straight away. I was really happy with it, and now guess what? I told my wife the other day (after seeing her in her new mini convertible) ‘Darling, I want to sell my car now’!!! Isn’t it funny how things change around here."
From London
“I wanted to sell my car fast and you made it so easy, I'll be recommending you, cheers"
From London
“I need to sell my car for cash today. In fact I can’t even wait longer than 2 days. That is why I started to look around, and found that National Car Buyer would enable me to sell my car for cash. I was so pleased with the idea of selling my car so quickly and for cash, that I jumped at the chance. When decided I wanted to sell my car for cash, I knew straight away that it would be easy. My only fear in fact was whether I would get the true market cash value for selling my car in this way. If I had sold my little Ford Fiesta privately, I would have got about £2,995 and when I phoned National Car Buyer they matched it! I couldn’t be happier. Next time I buy a car and need to sell it on, I will definitely sell my car for cash again. And I would recommend National Car buyer to anyone, purely because it doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is complete a very short online form and you can sell your car the same way I sold my car for cash"
From Birmingham
“When I heard the words sell my car and free in the same sentence I thought whatever, if we could all go round and sell my car free, we all would. There’s no such thing I thought. At least the car sites where I can sell my car free were time consuming, so I didn’t could it as free as the effort involved took to long. National Car Buyer are the first company I have found where you can really sell my car free. Actually, I still pinch myself now. I did sell my car free, and at a great rate that was a huge benefit for me. I don’t know a lot about cars but I do know if I can get a hassle free way to sell my car free, it can’t be all that bad! I have told everyone they can sell their car free anytime with National Car Buyer. Its fantastico! Ever time a change my car I am going to sell my car free!!! Thanks National Car Buyer"
From Southampton
“I want to sell my car online and as far as I can see, there are some very obvious ways of doing it. First is first, I want sell my car online through all the free sites that let me create a car advert and if a convenient private sale comes along I want sell my car online to them. However I realise this isn’t always the best way to sell my car as people have to find your advert and know the site you have listed your car on. So, I figured that if I want sell my car online, I should look into companies like National Car Buyer. National Car Buyer helped me to fulfil my criteria. I want sell my car online, and they buy cars for cash online in an instant. So I filled in the form and away I went. They phoned back to clarify the car I was wanting to sell online, and then offered me a price and came and collected it and paid cash on the door. I was very pleased. Now I know if I want sell my car online again, I shall go to National Car Buyer. It s so easy this way!!"
From Manchester
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